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While funding mechanisms differ between states and school districts, our programs qualify for several funding sources. Principals have funded Sports For Learning programs with general funds because our STEM and Soccer programs help meet identified goals and are supported by extensive data and research. As our reach expands into additional states, we remain dedicated to identifying additional funding mechanisms and to working with our clients in securing them.

“I never consider dropping Sports For Learning when reviewing budget spending.”

Title 1

Sports For Learning has received assurances from the California Department of Education Title 1 office that our STEM and Soccer Programs meet the requirements necessary for Principals to utilize Title 1 funding. If your district/school is interested in utilizing Sports For Learning, we recommend adding our program to your School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).

Title 1/SPSA justifications include that Sports For Learning programs:
Decrease disciplinary referrals and lower suspension rates.
Incentivize students to come to school and improve attendance rates.
Increase engagement in academics through the incorporation of STEM curriculum and improve grades.
Improve academic achievement through increased attendance.

Most Districts align the Sports For Learning STEM and Soccer Program with LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) State Priorities; it is recommended that it be included as part of the annual District LCAP.

Annual District LCAP priorities include:

Priority #2
Academic Performance:
Sports For Learning STEM & Soccer Curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Priority #6
School Climate:
Sports For Learning programs decrease disciplinary referrals by as much as 79%.

Priority #8
Student outcomes:
Sports For Learning programs emphasize and increase physical activity and align with Public School Physical Activity Standards.


We know that finding funding opportunities to bring programs such as Sports For Learning to your school or organization can be challenging. In addition to Title 1 and LCAP, there are frequent grant opportunities in the areas of STEM, PBIS and physical activity. That’s why Sports For Learning put together these resources to help you write a compelling application and find available grants. We are happy to help in the writing of these grants and to explore all opportunities that will allow us to inspire and engage your students.

Grant Writing Assistance:
Sports For Learning can provide individual guidance to Schools and Districts that are pursuing funding opportunities for our programs. This includes:

Grant Narratives
Program Descriptions

To get you started, please enter your contact information here for a free download with tips on how to write a successful grant application.

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