Distance Learning

Distance Learning


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Curriculum is aligned with National Physical Education and Health Standards


  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Solves PE requirements
  • Improves attendance
  • Mentorship from near-peer college student coaches
  • At home accommodations

Live ONLINE classes

"Interact, learn + get active with our Sports For Learning coach"

  • 30 minute lesson
  • Schedule anytime!
  • Grade level appropiate

Interactive SEL and PE Videos

Why make your own? Use ours instead!

  • Three 20 minutes videos per week
  • Grade level appropiate
  • Includes Spanish subtitles
  • Share video links to Google Classroom
  • No student accounts required

How it works

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Sample Video

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Yesterday's zoom meeting was cool. 😎 The stress coping skills were helpful and interesting. The exercises we did were fun ⚽ 👋
Abbey 😀
(Age 12)