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Returning to a blended-learning model or in cohorts?

Do you need additional support on campus ?

What we offer

Our coaches will help with supervision and engagement both inside and outside the classroom. Students will engage outside with our blended Social Emotional Learning & Physical Education/Activity curriculum using physical distancing measures. General supervision and tutoring assistance can also be provided by our coaches inside the classroom.

Recess time

Our Recess programs are designed to provide safe, engaging activities for students to take part in during the school day. Using our near-peer mentorship model, our college student coaches deliver a blended social emotional learning and PE curriculum.

Our coaches can deliver our games and activities both inside and outside the classroom. Over the last 6-months our team has designed a creative “physically-distanced’ curriculum that allows students to stay active, interact with each other and above all – have fun!

PLC/PD release

Sports For Learning operates while your teachers are engaging in PLC/ PD time. We give schools and Districts the ability to select and plan their own customized PLC release schedules for the school year. This eliminates the need for substitute teachers and lesson plans and maximizes the amount of PLC time you can offer your teachers. Typically, a Principal releases one grade level at a time for a full school day. We supply the appropriate number of staff so that each class can have their own coach.

After school

Our After School programs provide an additional opportunity for children to participate in an organized sports program while keeping kids engaged after school. Our coaches play fun and creative SEL & sports games and scrimmages in order to make sure your students are getting the most out of their after-school time.

Saturday school

This exciting program is guaranteed to increase your Saturday participation, to help boost your average daily attendance figures and recoup funds for your district!

Summer school

Our fun programming can boost attendance at your summer programs while keeping kids learning and active. Students love the novel experience of spending time with our college coaches while playing sports, engaging in SEL and having fun.

How it works

01 / Plan
A customized schedule is designed based on the specific needs and schedule of your school.

02 / Implement
Your assigned support staff will ensure your program experience is turn-key and exceeds your expectations. 

03 / Collaborate
Throughout the program, your assigned Operations Manager will meet with you to collaborate on data collection and continuous improvement.

In their words...


COVID-19 Safe

We ensure all the recommenced health & safety guidelines are implemented to protect students, coaches and parents.

Standards Compliant

Our Curriculum is aligned with National Physical Education and Health Standards, and all our courses are grade level appropriate.

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