PLC / PD Release


Sports For Learning operates while your teachers are engaging in PLC/ PD time. We give schools and Districts the ability to select and plan their own customized PLC release schedules for the school year. This eliminates the need for substitute teachers and lesson plans and maximizes the amount of PLC time you can offer your teachers. It also gives the students the novel experience of spending time with our college coaches while playing sports.

Typically, a Principal releases one grade level at a time for a full school day. SFL supplies the appropriate number of staff so that each class can have their own SFL coach. Our coaches implement the SFL curriculum two or three times over the course of the day depending on how many grade levels are released.

How It Works

Step 1 –
A customized schedule is designed based on the specific needs and schedule of your school. (see sample schedule below)

Step 2 –
The groups of students are placed on a roster so that both our coaches and the school staff are aware of the rotations.

Step 3 –
We recruit the required number of coaches from local universities. Once coaches have completed their background checks and training, they are assigned to your school for the duration of the program.

Step 4 –
Our coaches arrive each day and check in with the front office before proceeding to the field to pick up their first group of students.

Step 5-
Throughout the course of the program our Account Manager and his/her support staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have.


    • Additional time for teachers to learn and on-board new curriculum
    • Improved Teacher Satisfaction
    • An improved school climate that supports social and emotional learning
    • ASSESS: Students meet mandatory PE minutes requirements


Sample Daily Schedule (per school)

Coach 1Kindergarten A1st Grade – Class B2nd Grade – Class C3rd Grade – Class D5th Grade – Class A
Coach 2Kindergarten B1st Grade – Class C2nd Grade – Class D4th Grade – Class A5th Grade – Class B
Coach 3Kindergarten C1st Grade – Class D3rd Grade – Class A4th Grade – Class B5th Grade – Class C
Coach 4Kindergarten D2nd Grade – Class A3rd Grade – Class B4th Grade – Class C
5th Grade – Class D
Coach 51st Grade – Class A2nd Grade – Class B3rd Grade – Class C4th Grade – Class D
5th Grade – Class E

Each class gets released for 1 hour, 1x per month for 9 months during the school year