The Curriculum

Blending Social Emotional Learning

and Physical Education

The purpose of the Sports For Learning curriculum is to use fun, physically active games and sports as a vehicle to engage students in social & emotional learning. Our curriculum is aligned with the National Physical Education and Health Standards.

We use the CASEL wheel as the framework for our Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Each lesson focuses on a specific SEL skill and is based on one of the 5 core competencies. Throughout the course of our program, our goal is for your students to practice and gain proficiency in a range of new SEL skills.

For the 2020/21 school year, our focus is on providing our ‘distance learning’ platform to schools. When the time comes, Sports For Learning can seamlessly pivot to deliver ‘in-person’ support and instruction on site.

1. Perspective Tasking2. Empathy3. Appreciating Diversity4. Respect For Others5. Appreciation For Teachers6. Understanding Diversity Social Awareness Module 5 1. Communication2. Social Management3. Relationship Building4. Teamwork5. Friendship6. Learning From Defeat Relationship Skills Module 4 1. Identifying Problems2. Analyzing Solutions3. Solving Problems4. Evaluating5. Reflecting6. Ethical Responsibility Responsible Decision Making Module 3 1. Impulse Control2. Stress Management3. Self-Discipline4. Self-Motivation5. Goal-Setting6. Organizational Skills Self Management Module 2 1. Identifying Emotions2. Self-Perception3. Recognizing Strengths4. Self-Confidence5. Self-Efficacy6. Conflict Resolution Self Awareness Module 1 SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING


We have adopted the CASEL model where we focus on the 5 core competencies of SEL:


Introduction to SEL topic through a physical activity warm up.


SEL growth mindset activity


Interactive SEL skill Lesson vocabulary


SEL self-reflection on topic


PE learning activity-time


SEL affirmation exercise

Testimonial Video

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“We have had really poor attendance at our school. With Sports for Learning, students are now coming to school and are excited.”

Kathie Galan-Jaramillo
Principal at Columbus Ave. Elementary, LAUSD

“Hendrix enjoyed the activities, felt like he did something and had a smile on his face talking about it.”

Mother of Hendrix (Age 9)

“Yesterday’s zoom meeting was cool. The stress coping skills and STAR stuff were helpful and interesting. Those exercises we did were fun! Overall, I thought the zoom was enjoyable and informative.”

Abbey (Age 12)

“Since introducing the lunchtime program, disciplinary referrals decreased by 79 percent. Frank West Elementary has logged just three referrals this year…nobody has been suspended.”

Yvonne Lopez
Principal at Frank West Elementary, Bakersfield, CA

For the school site, it was a huge benefit to our behavior management (PBIS) in that it provided structured and supervised activities for our at-risk students.”

Smiley Villavicencio
Principal at Moreno Elementary, Moreno Valley USD, CA

“Our students enjoy the coaching they receive during their rotations. SFL allows us to provide released time to our teachers for collaboration, and as a result, our student’s academic skills are improving as well as their grades”

Aimee Brenton
Principal at May Ranch Elementary, Val Verde Unified School District

“We have seen a huge increase in not only our attendance rate, but also in our academics. The programs provides behaviorincentives. Our students are learning STEM activities as well as doing soccer!”

Cindy Duncan
Principal at Liberty Elementary, Santa Maria, CA