The Curriculum

A Strategic Approach

The purpose of the Sports For Learning curriculum is to use sports as a vehicle to engage students in social & emotional learning, academics and overall physical wellness. To do this we integrate STEM concepts within each game to show students that science lives outside the classroom. All activities take place with a PBIS framework where coaches instill the values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude and Respect (STAR behavior).


    Our approach is based on an appreciation of the values and life-skills learned through sport. SFL uses a ‘PBIS Framework’ in its approach to coaching students. PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)  is an effective disciplinary framework that uses positive reinforcement to support students socially, emotionally, and academically. Through our implementation of this framework, our coaches have been able to decrease disciplinary referrals, in some districts, by up to 79%

    The result of the programs throughout the school has been a decrease in disciplinary issues and an increase in attendance…In the short time the program has been in use, the combination of the extended learning time and soccer has changed the overall mood at lunch time.

    Assistant Principal James Barnett, Alvin Elementary


    Sports For Learning’s uses the acronym STAR (Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude,Respect) in order to promote positive behavior.

    Our programs encourage learning through collaboration, innovation and skill. Our coaches undergo intensive training and provide structure, leadership and effective instruction using creative teaching methodologies and strategies.

    At most of the schools where Sports For Learning operates, soccer and basketball are the most popular sports. Students will:

    Play fun games at every session. Our games are age appropriate, inclusive and fun.
    Learn the techniques of how to pass, dribble and shoot. This will set them up for sporting success.
    Play in awesome World Cup scrimmages where teams are named from different countries around the world.