The Curriculum

Blending Social Emotional Learning

The purpose of the Sports For Learning curriculum is to use fun, physically active games and sports as a vehicle to engage students in social & emotional learning. Our curriculum is aligned with CA Physical Education and Health Standards.

We use the CASEL wheel as the framework for our Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Each lesson focuses on a specific SEL skill and is based on one of the 5 core competencies. Throughout the course of our program, our goal is for your students to practice and gain proficiency in a range of new SEL skills.

For the 2020/21 school year, our focus is on providing our ‘distance learning’ platform to schools. When the time comes, Sports For Learning can seamlessly pivot to deliver ‘in-person’ support and instruction on site.


    We have adopted the CASEL model where we focus on the 5 core competencies of SEL:

    The result of the programs throughout the school has been a decrease in disciplinary issues and an increase in attendance…In the short time the program has been in use, the combination of the extended learning time and soccer has changed the overall mood at lunch time.

    Assistant Principal James Barnett, Alvin Elementary


    Our programs encourage learning through collaboration, innovation and skill. Our coaches undergo intensive training and provide structure, leadership and effective instruction using creative teaching methodologies and strategies.

    We understand that Principals might have a student population that will gravitate towards different sports or who prefer fun games. We will customize our curriculum to meet your needs.