The SFL Process: A Closer Look

Sports For Learning curriculum-based games are fun, challenging and engaging. Each game focuses on skill development such as shooting, passing and dribbling, has a corresponding STEM topic (i.e. Anatomy, Earth & Solar System, Technology, Math, etc.) and includes specific school values and behavior goals. Trigger words are used in conjunction with visual aids to further support learning and skills. Students are incentivized through earning points for using STEM vocabulary and trigger words during games as instructed. They are also rewarded based on creativity, honesty and team play.

What an average session looks like:

Story lines are created for the student, and coaches present a curiosity question, introduce rules of the game, outline school values and behavior goals, identify trigger words and visual aids. Students are encouraged and rewarded based on their creativity, honesty and team play. Students are also incentivized through earning of points that can only be earned during the game by calling out STEM vocabulary words they just learned. The players with the highest amount of points will receive school dollars (if applicable) at the end of the session. See a master schedule of 10 lessons:

Lesson # STEM Topic Game Skill Development
1 Anatomy Heart Rate Ghostbusters Dribbling: head up while dribbling
2 Ecosystems Jurassic Park Passing: non-kicking foot beside the ball
3 Earth Systems Ice Age Shooting: aim for corners
4 Earth & Solar System Race to Outer Space Dribbling: ball close to feet
5 Technology Star Wars Passing: spread out and make angles
6 Mathematics Daredevil Drones Shooting: instep for accuracy
7 Energy Electric Ninja Turtles Dribbling: ball close to feet
8 Life Sciences Save our Species Passing: lift your head up before passing
9 Anatomy Frozen Bodies Shooting: follow through with power
10 States of Matter World Cup Dribbling: use laces dribbling forward

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