Our Team


Vital Research for Measuring SFL Outcomes

Vital Research, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm with over 35 years of experience and expertise implementing research and evaluation projects, is working with Sports For Learning on the design and validation of a survey tool to measure outcomes and impact for its STEM+ athletics programming. Janet Lee and Andrea Nee, Senior Associates at Vital Research, who each have over 10

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About Our Coaches

Coaches are college-age students, involved in local college sport and soccer teams, or studying sports and/or child development related course work. Coaches are thoroughly vetted and must complete a vigorous and intensive training process to effectively manage student’s diverse needs and deliver our programs to students. We guarantee our coaches to provide quality leadership, be fun, friendly and engaging.


Meet Professor Valerdi

A leader in STEM and sports innovation, Professor Ricardo Valerdi is instrumental in creating and developing curriculum that excites children in STEM through soccer. A member of our team since 2015, he regularly reviews and advises on the development of Sports For Learning’s educational programs, enabling us to continually improve, update and address student’s ever-changing and diverse needs.